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We are energized about our profession. We strive for clinical excellence. We continually expand our skill sets. We give back to those less fortunate. We are connected. We are the Los Angeles American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. In addition to the networking, camaraderie, support & encouragement from professional peers, LAACD helps attain your goal of clinical excellence through resources & benefits. We enhance your career & accelerate your path to AACD Accreditation.




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Todd Snyder

Smile Makeovers & Cosmetics….Market, Attract, Convert, Deliver!

Do you want to treat more patients that desire Cosmetic Dentistry? Are you comfortable and confident in providing excellent cosmetic dentistry? Are you wanting to know more about certain procedures or obtain more practice? Are you unable to get patients to move forward and accept Cosmetic Dentistry? Whatever problems you are having that hold you back we want to address them today once and for all so that you can provide more outstanding Cosmetic Dentistry to your patients.
Are you ready to be more confident, see more patients, and confidently provide excellent services? How great would that feel?
Stop waiting and lets get you moving to where you want to be!
This program will cover many aspects of cosmetic dentistry that are not covered in typical lectures. Veneer tips and tricks will be provided as well as how to get people to come to you for services, and then help them to move forward so that you can deliver what they desire.

Learning Objectives:
  • Visualizing the Appearance
  • Preparations, Provisionals, Cementation
  • Creating Opportunities
  • Obstacles, Hurdles and Objections

Brian LeSage

Composite vs Ceramic: The Differences are Indiscernible

Composite materials are still underutilized, despite them being the most versatile, durable, repairable and esthetic material in a cosmetic dental practice. What are their indications and limitations? Do you know how to use a matrix, starburst bevel, layering techniques, and finishing and polishing to create predictable, seamless restorations? If one determines composite is contra-indicated for this particular case, what considerations must be evaluated for ceramics? How does ceramic fit into material selection and our patients desire to limit tooth removal and destruction? All-ceramic restorations as beautiful as they are require tooth structure preparation, try-ins and an elaborate system of cementation.
There is a third option beside Direct Bonding or Indirect All-Ceramic restorations. Dr LeSage would like to share his 12 years of experience in the CAD/CAM world and his innovative concept of composite layered veneers. Use your composite skills on a CAD/CAM scaffolding outside the mouth in a very controlled environment. Multiple cases of direct, indirect and CAD/CAM layered restorations will be shown and in-depth discussion as to why and when and the verbal skills to help make these decisions.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn whether using composite or ceramics, the outcome should be a difference that is indiscernible
  • How does CAD/CAM fit into responsible esthetic decision making process
  • Explore verbal skills and clinical techniques to create undetectable restorations and happy patients

Bruce Crispin

Title: Taking the Complex out of Comprehensive Full Mouth Reconstruction Cases That Need Vertical Dimension Change
Date: April 29th 2021
Presented By: Bruce J. Crispin DDS, MS

Introduction: As a board certified Prosthodontist with a focus on esthetic fixed prosthodontics and an educator for over 40 years, two things are very clear. First, complex reconstruction cases do not have to be complex if you understand the less complex steps to completion. Secondly, most dentists are intimidated by cases that require a vertical dimension change. It’s time to quite referring or undertreating patients that need a full mouth reconstruction.
Course Synopsis: The purpose of this lecture will be to present an overview of how to diagnose, plan and organize a treatment sequence for complex reconstruction cases that can be mastered by almost any dentist. Understanding these less complex steps will allow for segmenting cases to simplify them or to spread out the costs without compromising the final outcome.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the diagnostic procedures for all complex restorative cases.
  • Understand how to manage patients for optimal case acceptance and outcomes.
  • Learn how “Matrix Bonding” is used to sequence complex cases.
  • Learn the simple steps required for case completion.



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